Our vision is to build a society for all ages

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Mission & Values



We empower 65+ people through Active and Healthy Aging programs:


Life-long learning

Digital education & inclusion

Intergenerational solidarity


Active participation in civil society






Exchange of positive energy


Fighting age discrimination


Society for all ages


Equal opportunities for all


Pr    ects

University for Third Age

Through life long learning and digital

education we activate people 65+.

The main courses are:

European History

Greek Philosophy



Creative Writing

English language


Intergenerational Storytelling

150 beneficiaries

18 beneficiaries

Theater History Lab (2019-2020)


We are studying texts by European playwrights and discussing the time they wrote and their influence on European culture and theater

Collaboration with: Epikentro of ActionAid Hellas

Expression Lab 65+
Through the techniques of theater, music and theatrical movement, we practice creativity, imagination, expression and our memory
Collaboration with: Epikentro of ActionAid Hellas

18 beneficiaries

30 beneficiaries

Facebook 65+
We are setting up an innovative Facebook learning method
together with Third Age people
The elderly learn to use Internet and social media
Collaboration with: Innovathens & Athens Municipality Cultural Network

30 beneficiaries

Grand Voice
the happiness campaign
The elderly practice the use of social media and
create an awareness video for happiness during Third Age
Collaboration with: Municipality of Athens
Supported by: John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation
through the program START Create Cultural Change

50 beneficiaries

Grand Voice
Mythological world
Together young and elderly create a performance for unfullfilled love
Collaboration with: Municipality of Athens | Supported by: START Create Cultural Change

50 beneficiaries

Our Grand Questions




Young people from Greece sent their Facebook questions on the subject

"Love during Third Age"

Elderly Germans from Landau city replied by a Facebook postcard to everyone

Collaboration with: Leben und Kultur. V. Haus am Westbahnhof 
Supported by: START Create Cultural Change

Within a month, the University for Third Age has collected more than 320 applications.
Of these, only 150 can be served by existing resources.


Help us achieve our goal of getting out of the house
1 more elderly person!

4 months of courses for each person 65+ = 175 €

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Alternatively you can make a bank deposit at Piraeus Bank using

IBAN GR2201721810005181088528941