Mission & Values



We empower 65+ people through

Active and Healthy Aging methods:


  • Life-long learning

  • Intergenerational solidarity

  • Digital education & inclusion

  • Active participation in civil society


Aging is not a "problem" but a natural process

Learning does not end with age

Program design according to actual needs

The world CAN become more inclusive


Pr    ects
Modern Senior Woman

University for Third Age


The Universtiy of Third Age began in 1970 in France and nowadays

it has been expanded globally.

People Behind began this initative in Athens in early 2020, offering to

people 65+ a variety of workshops and activities designed speciafically

for this age group.

After Covid-19 we created the e-learning platform,

e-Universtity for Third Age, where

our beneficiries follow weekly workshops, do their homework,

express ideas and thoughts and build relationships.

To access the e-learning platform (version only in Greek)


Currently the courses are:

History, Greek Philosophy, Computers, English language,

Ancient Tragedy & Literature.

Supported by: TIMA Charitable Foundation & Ministry of Culture

υπ πολ.png
Expression Lab 65+
Through the techniques of theater, music and theatrical movement,
we practice  creativity, imagination and expression.
These excerises help to improve memory
as well as mental and physical health of the beneficiaries.
This program is a collaboration of People Behind and ActionAid Hellas
Community Center.
Playful Senior Woman
grand voice μυθο-λογικος κόσμος (1).jpg
Grand Voice
The pilot project of People Behind team lasted from 2016 till 2018, supported
by START Create Cutlural Change, a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung,
conducted in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki,
and the German Association of Socioculture, supported by the
John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and the Bodossaki Foundation.
First part of the project: A performance for unfullfilled love with 50 seniors and
15 young people (Awarded by START Create Cultural Change Commitee).
Second part of the project: Social media learning for 30 seniors and a video
about Happiness in Third Age.